Layla’s Food Company

December 2017 – January 2019

  • Background

    Deep Lebanese Roots

    It didn’t take long to fall in love with the Chebat Family. A one of kind husband and wife team complimented by eight amazing children cooking some of the most authentic Lebanese recipes you could even imagine.

    With deep Lebanese roots, the Chebat family currently owns and operates Layla’s Lebanese Restaurant in Woodbridge, Virginia. With their mouth-watering recipes, a community of customers, and feedback like we had never seen before, we knew anything was possible.

    With a truly authentic Lebanese proposition, we wanted to help them better communicate their love for the business, food and cultural experience.

  • The Problem

    Meet The Chebats

    We were first introduced to the Chebat Family in early November of 2017. With successful restaurant sales and a highly demanded retail presence in local farmers markets, they knew it was time to scale those efforts.

    The family explained that they felt the restaurant brand did not accurately represent what they had to offer. Beyond a “facelift” for the Layla’s brand, we knew that a new strategy was necessary in order to navigate the retail market.

  • The Solution

    In-Depth Analysis

    Layla’s Food Company was one of our longest scopes to date.

    Following our standard practice, we began with an extremely in-depth analysis (both internal and external). A complete understanding of both their target market and internal governance gave us the opportunity to design a unique strategy specifically to meet their goals.

  • The Execution

    Our Ecosystem Strategy

    Our analysis led us to build the complete “Layla’s Ecosystem”.

    A parent (retail and manufacturing) company that governed the organization while the restaurant and catering efforts ran successfully in parallel. Our ecosystem strategy allowed for their freshly designed brand to accurately represent the unique flavors and experience of Layla’s across the board.

  • The Result

    Wildly Successful Strategy

    The results were outstanding. Not only were we able to fully capture their message and design a brand to compliment those pillars, we designed an implemented a wildly successful strategy as well.

    We are proud to say:


    • Layla’s Lebanese Restaurant has a completely enhanced brand that is represented with synergy across all efforts both online and offline.


    • Layla’s internal marketing department is growing and successfully implementing a fully optimized online strategy that is yielding results month over month.


    • Layla’s Lebanese Catering efforts are continuing to grow and are on track to see a major increase in sales this year through a fully interactive online portal.


    • Layla’s retail products are available in five unique flavors across numerous shelves and continuing to grow that footprint through 2019.

Our Final Thoughts

Not only did was our experience working with the Chebat Family and Layla’s Food Company a pleasure, we learned a ton! Doing deeper into a vertical such as the food industry allows us to create a formula for success. We not only better understand what the industry looks like from an internal governance perspective, we are armed with countless new techniques to better optimize results. If you are somewhere across the north east and stumble across any of Layla’s Retail Products or Garlic Whip ™, do yourself a favor and pick some up! If you are in Virginia, you know exactly what to have for dinner!