Canna Capital Services

November 2018 – December 2018

  • Background

    The Fun Challenge

    This was a fun challenge! How do you take professional services like debt management and consulting, package them up into a fully fluid brand and sell them to a rising market full with little to no barriers of entry?

    With us… thats how!

    Owned and operated by two successful business owners, Canna Capital Services is a full-service financial management company designed to help companies in the cannabis industry navigate and tackle financial challenges.

  • The Problem

    Softly Convey Their Message

    When the founding partners first approached us with the challenge, we were eager to help them better identify what that brand would look like.

    Even more so than designing an initial visual identity, we had to creatively design content and an online presence strategy that allowed them to softly convey their message yet maintain the confidence behind years of experience.

  • The Solution

    Captured Their Message and Promise

    Following our initial discovery period, we designed a completely comprehensive brand strategy and got to work.

    A visual identity and solid set of brand guidelines gave both our team and theirs an opportunity to assure quality and synergy regardless of the canvas. With a visual identity in hand, we developed an optimized website and content architecture that captured their message and promise perfectly.

Our Final Thoughts

We learned a lot throughout this process! Not only were we fortunate enough to be exposed to a rising industry and its early stage leaders, but we were also able to exercise our understanding of consumer psychology. It was a carefully crafted juxtaposition between professional services in an industry that has its walls up and struggles to trust newcomers.

We loved the project and encourage anyone looking to navigate the challenges of this booming market to reach out and have a conversation with these guys!