Blink Beauty Bar

June 2018 – October 2018

  • Background

    New World of Microblading

    This was our first introduction to the exciting new world of Microblading and semi-permanent tattooing. When we met Ashley Schuh, we were both extremely curious and in all honesty, a little taken back!

    We could not believe that people were actually tattooing their eyebrows! Ashley quickly educated us on the growing industry and extreme amounts of training/certification required to become a licensed professional in the space.

  • The Problem

    Massive Opportunity

    When Ashley reached out, Blink Beauty Bar had a single shop located in Buffalo, New York. She quickly explained her growing demand and the massive opportunity that this industry had blossomed into.

    Something just did not sit right with Ashley and her brand. Maybe it was the way she felt it represented the quality of her work? Or maybe it was just her intuition? Regardless, we were honored to tackle the problem.

  • The Solution

    Destination For Confidence

    We began by immediately addressing her branding concerns and the visual identity of Blink Beauty Bar. How could we work with Ashley to design an enhanced image that could shift this local beauty shop into a global lifestyle brand and destination for confidence?

    That’s exactly what we did!

  • The Result

    Growth and Positive Perception

    With a newly enhanced visual identity, a completely reworked online presence and a social media content/marketing strategy that was optimized for growth and positive perception, we are proud to say:

    • Blink Beauty Bar has a fresh new look that is represented with perfect synergy across her entire presence both online and off.
    • Blink Beauty Bar is successfully implementing a fully optimized online marketing and content strategy.
    • Blink Beauty Bar now has locations in both Buffalo and Manhattan with a growing team and successful onboarding strategy that has been implemented.
    • Blink Beauty Bar is now expanding its offerings into master classes and continuing to change the lives (and looks) of their clients including Victoria Secret Fashion Model Jessica White.

Our Final Thoughts

We were honored to be a part of this brand makeover and learned a ton both about the art of Microblading and the conversion efforts required to pivot a brand into the lifestyle direction and away from the confined perception of beauty services!

Check Ashley out online at www.BlinkBeautyBar.Net