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Erinna Lawson

Founding Partner

Erinna Lawson is a Digital Development and Marketing Expert. Her skill-set goes far beyond digital strategy and has been used to help brands build a strong online presence and maximize their revenue streams.

Erinna’s professional portfolio includes her efforts within startup ventures across numerous industries. From The Food and Entertainment Industry to E-Commerce and Mobile App. Development, Erinna has gained unparalleled experience as an entrepreneur. She can be recognized as a founding member of Shrevo (a mobile solution for E-Commerce returns), Spark Reach (a web development company), and as a Founding Partner at Jib Sheet Partners.

Erinna was born in Melbourne Australia, and lived all over the world, including Singapore, New York, and Georgia before landing in Buffalo, NY to attend the University at Buffalo for Business and Marketing Communications. Erinna’s nomadic lifestyle has nourished her adaptable and exuberant personality, vast knowledge of global communications and the ability to navigate her professional career. 

Erinna’s entrepreneurial spirit and thirst for knowledge lead to a four-year internship mastering Web Development and eCommerce Optimization. While interning and wrapping up her university education, Erinna worked at  Mainstreethost (a Buffalo-based digital development agency) as an Online Presence Management, Optimization Specialist and Social Media Expert.

Self-aware, Erinna recognized that the “agency-style” and departmentalized work environment was hindering her professional growth. Making the executive decision to leave her job security and pursue a passion meant bartending and serving in the evenings to support her expenses. The skills Erinna learned while balancing both work and her internship has cultivated an unbelievable work ethic.

After four years of dedication, hard work and commitment to the company, Erinna was offered a partner position at Source Approach following the internship. 

Erinna Lawson is currently a founding partner at Jib Sheet Partners, where her clients’ success is a driving force for her ongoing efforts. 

When she’s not working, you can find Erinna taking advantage of the Buffalo winter, snowboarding or enjoying the small things like spending time with friends on her porch.

Erinna Lawson is not only a one of a kind talent, but she is also the mind, perspective, and personality needed in every room.