2014 – 2018

  • Background

    Power Of Social Transactions

    While we treat every business and scope as if the goals are our own, this one really was!

    Being at the forefront of any innovation is both challenging and exciting. With the constant exposure to brands both personal and professional, we recognized the immediate influence and power that social transactions have over our financial decisions.

    We knew that by captivating an audience socially, we could convert them at much higher rates through data consumption and artificial intelligence. After struggling to convey the theory to major brands, we were introduced to the global equestrian community via one of our Co-Founders.

  • The Problem

    Fragmentation Amongst Professionals

    The equestrian sport represented some of the most elite athletes and sponsors while somehow continuing to practice both antiquated and ineffective marketing/communication techniques.

    We quickly recognized the fragmentation amongst professionals, brands and their consumers and designed a social commerce software that could prove our concept through a microcosm and case study.

  • The Solution

    Proudly Live

    Through three years of intense “Start-Up Grind”, we worked from conceptualization and branding through to successful fundraising and fruition.

    2TheBarn is now proudly live, owned and operated by a private equity company based in the UK. Representing some of the largest brands and most influential athletes in the world, 2TheBarn is continuing to grow as the leading social market place for the global equestrian community.